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I'm Jane Irwin.

I coach people from where they currently are to a place they would like to get to.

I'm a wife and mother of three children on my own journey of self-development and a desire to create my own path.

I have experience working with people, processes and systems in myriad environments from corporate banking to toddler groups, PTA meetings to Board Rooms.  My coaching conversations have spanned from career changes and confidence building to anxiety management and self acceptance.

I am driven by a desire to live life and encourage an environment that allows others to live theirs too.

I love to travel and experience the wealth of places, people and nature our world has to offer. From my birth in Kingston, Jamaica I've lived and travelled in various points of the globe and although I am now settled in Hertfordshire, an adventure of some description is always on the agenda.

To gain more insight into me and my work visit Facebook and LinkedIn or contact me 07590 010902

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