What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation to unblock a person's potential and support them to take action and make change happen.  

A desired change is anything you'd like to do but haven't made happen yet.

Live a fulfilling lifestyle...make that career move...establish balance in your life...

obtain financial stability...get organised...take that trip of a lifetime...live life to the fullest.....

What's your desired change?


Through coaching a person can gain clarity of thinking which empowers them to take control and make choices to benefit their lives.

Mountain Lake


In order to move forward we must first know where we are heading. 


You may have a clear view of where you want to get to, but are facing blocks and challenges that prevent you from getting there.  Or maybe you're not sure where it is you want to aim for. 


Either way coaching asks the questions and provides you with the space and freedom of thought to explore your wants, needs, desires and dreams that shape your vision. 

Mountain Path

PATH to change

Vision will give you the direction, but a path is needed in order to get there. 

Coaching allows you to examine the blocks and challenges that may arise on the journey and  become aware of the abilities and resources you have within you to help you navigate around them. 

This self awareness combined with a positive thinking environment allows you to create your own path leading you to your desired outcome. 

Mountain Path