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SMARTER action goals


The thing that makes coaching 'Coaching' is action and a forward movement.  So this is the practical bit...SMARTER action goals. I use SMARTER action goals with many of my clients for progress assurance. Once you've applied them, you will realise why.


I have used an example of a challenging running goal I set myself (and achieved!) to help you clarify how you can apply SMARTER action goals to anything you would like to achieve.


Goals have to be specific, otherwise we don't know exactly what it is we are aiming for.

"I am going to run 100kms in the month of January"


A goal has to be measurable otherwise we won't know when we have achieved it.  Measurable goals also allow us to track our progress.

"I'll track my runs on Strava so then I'll know how far I have run and how much farther I need to run to achieve my goal"


I encourage people to set goals that will stretch them but ultimately can be achieved.  

"I know people who run 100kms a month regularly so it is a challenge for me but it is achievable because people have done it…I’m not planning on running to the moon!"


Goals have to be realistic for YOU. Knowing who you are, what your capabilities are and how much time you can commit to the goal. 

"I know I’m fit enough, because I have already been running regularly. I will need to schedule the runs and distances in my diary so then I know I will allow myself the time to run the amount I need to in the time I need to do it"


Goals need to have a specified end date, it helps maintain focus.

"I need to do this by Jan 31st"


This is the bit that will keep you going when the going gets tough!  A goal has to be exciting for YOU, if not the goal itself then the impact of achieving the goal.

"This goal excites me because I enjoy a challenge and I’m keen to understand my limits in the running arena"


This is YOUR goal, no-one else's, therefore it needs to be relevant to you and your life.

"This goal is relevant to me because I use running as a method of maintaining my fitness, and I know fitness brings a range of benefits into my life.  I know I am also motivated by a challenge and I enjoy a challenge" 

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