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As a transformational coach I believe you hold the answers and I provide a non-judgemental, collaborative and positive thinking environment to explore your challenges and goals allowing you to create a bespoke step by step plan to move you forward on a journey of positive change. 

Whether you have a desire to make a particular change for yourself, or you have had change thrust upon you, I can provide you with the questions, space and support enabling you to re-examine and re-shape many areas of your life. 


We can start with an initial conversation to discover more about the coaching I provide and the areas you'd like to explore. From there we can determine the number of sessions and timing that will work best for you with a number of pricing options available. | 07590 010902

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The reality of the Climate Crisis is here. 
It is a race we can win, but only if we make a change.

If you're interested to explore
how you can make a change
for the benefit of our planet
then get in touch

07590 010902 or 

Explore WHY you want to make a positive impact and WHY you’ve been blocked from making that impact so far

BREAK DOWN the mountains of overwhelming advice & information on the environment and sustainable living

Time and headspace to IDENTIFY what YOU can do that will positively impact the environment

Create a PLAN relevant to you and the impact you want to make that will guide you on HOW you can practically make the changes needed in your life

CONNECT with your COMMUNITY who also share your desire to make positive change

"Jane is a very personable and approachable life coach, who has been able to help me keep up momentum during a truly challenging time"

"Jane has been fantastic in helping me work out what is really important in my life, reinforcing belief in myself and my abilities to achieve long term work goals"

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"Jane is excellent at identifying themes across different parts of my life which I hadn't previously recognised. This has given me a new perspective"


Thanks for getting in touch, I'll respond to you soon. Jane

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