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Jane Irwin



As a Coach with a Diploma in Transformational Coaching I believe you hold the answers and I provide a non-judgemental, collaborative and confidential space for you to explore your own thoughts, challenges and goals, enabling you to re-examine and re-shape many areas of your life.   

If you’re ‘stuck’, feel ‘blocked’ or ‘trapped’, if there’s an area of your life that you’d like to achieve your full potential, or you’d just like to explore and benefit from the power of coaching then let’s connect!


We can start with an initial conversation to discover more about the coaching I provide and the areas you'd like to explore. From there we can develop a tailored series of sessions with a number of pricing options. | 07590 010902

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"Jane is a very personable and approachable life coach, who has been able to help me keep up momentum during a truly challenging time"

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"Jane has been fantastic in helping me work out what is really important in my life, reinforcing belief in myself and my abilities to achieve long term work goals"

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"Jane is excellent at identifying themes across different parts of my life which I hadn't previously recognised. This has given me a new perspective"


Thanks for getting in touch, I'll respond to you soon. Jane