Wondering what it'd be like to work with me as your coach?

We have a conversation about you and what positive changes you want to make for yourself.


I hold belief in you, recognising that you hold the answers, and I guide our conversations in a way that enables you to;

  • ascertain where you are now, what’s working for you and what’s not

  • build a picture of your desired future state

  • recognise how important it is for you to be that way

  • build a plan that will allow you to get there in a way that works for you, because you are unique and require a plan suited to you.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ here!


A coaching session typically lasts between 45-90 minutes. 


The length of a coaching journey varies. 


Coaching often gives instant reward so sometimes 1 or 2 sessions may be all that is needed to remove blockers and release a person's potential to move forward. 


For some people a course of sessions spanning anything from 4-12 weeks is more effective. 


The longer journey allows more time for exploration resulting in a greater development of self-awareness leading to clarity of thought and empowerment to take control of choices and achieve goals that are relevant and significant to them.

Still interested?  Get in touch, we can talk about it  connect@janeirwin.co.uk